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Home Page Message from JoAnne Bennett Smith - July, 2020
Hello fellow classmates.  Janet asked me to share some words with everyone.  From this month forward, one of us will be asked to share some thoughts.  So being the number one guinea pig (so to speak) here are my thoughts.

I have been very blessed since high school.  I've maintained many close friendships from our class. So I just thought I would share some updates about them.

Mary Solinski lives in Alabama and has some health issues but is still as beautiful as she can be.  The love of her life is her four-year-old great granddaughter Livi.  Lynn Sylvester Smith lives in a really cool condo on Siesta Key in Florida.  She travels with her sister Sally.  Their favorite place is France.  Linda Stevens Williams lives in Stuart, FL with her husband Mel.  She gave Mel one of her kidneys about five years ago and they are both doing well.  Through Facebook I am in touch with Doris Berry Witzgall.  If you live in Bay City, please visit her Apple Orchard on Two Mile.  Her yard is the most beautiful yard you will ever see.  I am also FB friends with Bob Dunn's daughter Jennifer.  Bob and his wife retired in the Villages.  I try to keep in touch with both Gail Lance Fairless and Kay Morrison Kimball via E-mail.

About ten years ago, Glenda Ferguson, Vera Bauer, Lynn Sylvester and I spent a week together at Linda Stevens' in Florida and had a great time.  I hadn't seen Glenda or Vera since graduation.  Each night one of us would tell what had happened to us in the last 50 years!  Wow, what we didn't learn about each other!  Unfortunately, I can't share any of it.  What was shared in Stuart stays in Stuart!

As for me, I am enjoying retirement in Goodyear, AZ.  Our subdivision has beautiful amenities and is surrounded by two mountain ranges.  But it's really hot here in the summer.  Sadly my beautiful husband Bruce is quite ill with Multiple Myeloma.  We spend a lot of time at infusions and different doctor appointments.  Our days of travel are no more.

As for me, my claim to fame is raising five terrific kids.  Each of them has blessed us with their continued love and devotion.  Bruce and I merged five teenagers in 1990 and will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary in October.

Hopefully I haven't bored you too much.  I plan on attending our 60th Reunion.  Hopefully all of you will be too.  I'm sure Richard Beck will be far more entertaining next month as he has been awarded the August opening statement.

Our grade counselor, Mr. Nesbitt spoke at our tenth reunion, and I remember him finishing his speech with this comment.  "The class of 1963 was truly the last class from the "Happy Days Era."  I'd like to finish this now with some advice from an old soul.  "Live Well, Laugh Often and Love Much!"