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04/01/17 04:08 PM #1    

Richard Beck

Many of you are aware of the recent passing of Mr. Robert B. White, our former Band teacher, and before that the Choir teacher.  Mr. White followed in his father's footsteps in giving the gift of music to Bay City, and its youth for several combined decades.

While Mr. White may be gone from our midst, there is an opportunity for us to continue his legacy through a memorial.  In talking to Fred Herter, who has talked to Elaine White, contributions can be made to help send Bay City music students to Camp Timbers, for a week-long Band Camp.  Funds donated to this memorial will only be used for Bay City students, and Mrs. Elaine White was the first person to make a donation. She is moved by this little campaign.

Whether you were a music student, or not, I am making an appeal to all members of our class to consider a tax deductible gift in Mr. White's name, to serve as a partial scholarship to this summer's Band Camp.

Total expenses for one student, for one week is $420.  A donation of $100 will provide enough toward this expense, in combination with the student's requirement to work so as to earn part of the expense, and bring the amount close enough that Herter Music Center will provide scholarship funds to complete the total amount for each individual student. The program is offered through the Saginaw YMCA, a non-profit organization. It is promoted, and band teachers are recruited by Fred Herter. The program is in its 31st year of existence.

To donate:  Please send a check to:

The Saginaw YMCA, 1915 Fordney, Saginaw, MI  48601, noting the Robert B. White Memorial Fund.

08/02/22 03:36 PM #2    

Charles Manning

Chuck Manning,6453 Breezewood Dr. Alger, Mi.48610


09/17/23 12:28 AM #3    


JoAnne Bennett (Smith)



I sure had a wonderful time at our 60th class reunion.  On behalf of all of us I want to thank those that work so hard to make this event possible.  I know two specific ladies Janet Witucki and Sandy Stuart have been the driving force for many years but there probably are several others too.  So to each of you a big thank you from all of us!  I cannot appoligize enough for not properly thanking Joyce Digby for her leadership and hard work which makes our reunions wonderful events.   Also Richard Beck you sure are one super MC with charisma, class and humor!  So glad to have you as a friend!

I am blessed to live in Arizona and if anyone wants to come and visit me you are very welcomed to do so.  My cell is (623) 824-5164 and E-mail is  I know I should get a more updated address but I've had this one since 1998!  Guess I am a creature of habit!

Recently I read that there are three stages of life that I found to be true in my case.  The first stage is wanting stuff.  The second stage is collecting stuff. The third stage is getting rid of stuff!  This definitely describes my current situation!  Anyone else out there agree?


Hugs and love to all,

JoAnne Bennett Smith

09/17/23 12:07 PM #4    


Douglas Wieland

I also would like to thank all the people that put togather a great program for the class of 1963. I and my friend had a great time. thank again from    Doug Wieland. it was also nice to see my class mates

09/17/23 04:40 PM #5    

Barbara Amrhein (Stamiris)

Yes, great to see Joanne, Cheryl, Nancy & Bruce who flew into join us! &..probably others I have missed.I know I speak for Kay & Carol to thank everyone for all the work that went into this awesome get together because that's what we said at breakfast this morning. Richard, you were a magnificent MC! You even fooled me with your joke about one of us women having arthritis (remember the hands in front of the chest)? Kay and Carol told me that joke has been around. My old besties Penny & Susie will be wanting a report. Penny is doing great as the best advocate & ambassador for Bay City. Susie is having a rough time, but remains in good spirits. And I better not forget Diane Fla who I promised to call after the reunion. 
Great to see everyone! THANKYOU! 
Barb Amrhein Stamiris 

09/25/23 02:42 PM #6    

Ruth Ann Howard (Hill)

This was only the second reunion I attended and I enjoyed myself. Only wish I had taken some pictures. Would love to see any anyone would like to share. Want to thank the gals who put in all the hard work and time it took to make it happen. Am waiting to see the group picture to see just how many people were there. I wasn't very active or a "social butterfly" back then so I didn't know many people. Guess I was still in my cocoon back then or just a late bloomer.

If anyone would like to share any pictures they took I would love to have them. They could be sent to me by text or email at or 909-732-3027. And I know that's a California area code but I am living in Michigan now.

Would really love to hear from anyone who attended Kawkawlin Village grade school with me. Now that is going back to the dark ages.

Rurhann (Howard) (Digby, Altman) Hill

12/31/23 01:43 PM #7    

Richard Beck

I write this after hearing of the death of Tom Everson. 
He was my very first childhood friend. We were literally toddlers when we first met. Our neighborhood included Gloria Rifenbark and the Solinski twins. We were tightly connected all through grade school, and only split up during those Handy days that put us into another realm. 
Tom suffered from the lack of immunity following surgery to replace his liver. He never left his home after that. His wife, Vickie, was his caregiver until she passed away last year. He was forced into retirement as a teacher  and coach at Frankenmuth HS due to his health. 
A loss of all of these kids I mentioned leaves a hole on my life that was once filled with our lives growing up together. None of us ever spatted, or fought, we just played and enjoyed life as kids. 
After our reunion, Barb and I drove around town, looking at our old Bay City haunts. The memories were still clear, and stories were told. Our houses, except for the twins' still stand. 
We played street football on Thomas Street before it became a State Highway. Amazing memory. We had great snowball fights, building snow forts was a yearly event, and, yes, we tried sticking our tongues  on the street sign post. 
Tommy's suffering has ended. I love that part. 

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